1. dogapult:

    how come when someone decides to eat only fruits and vegetables people commend them for their “willpower” and “diligence” but when i decide to eat a diet composed entirely of mozzarella sticks and vodka suddenly i’m “out of control” and “putting myself in danger”

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    Terrific Tip: Flip the bell peppers over to check their gender. The ones with four bumps are female and those with three bumps are male. The female peppers are full of seeds, but sweeter and better for eating raw and the males are better for cooking. Isn’t that cool? 

    That is awesome!

    if this is true this is so freaking cool

    Definitely not true. Bell peppers are the fruits of Capsicum annum, and in botanical terms they are berries: a mature fruit formed from a single ovary. There is no such thing as a male or female pepper; they are all matured ovaries that contain seeds.

    cishets are so weird about gendered bodies

    yes thank you


  3. "

    But the 8-hour workday is too profitable for big business, not because of the amount of work people get done in eight hours (the average office worker gets less than three hours of actual work done in 8 hours) but because it makes for such a purchase-happy public. Keeping free time scarce means people pay a lot more for convenience, gratification, and any other relief they can buy. It keeps them watching television, and its commercials. It keeps them unambitious outside of work.

    We’ve been led into a culture that has been engineered to leave us tired, hungry for indulgence, willing to pay a lot for convenience and entertainment, and most importantly, vaguely dissatisfied with our lives so that we continue wanting things we don’t have. We buy so much because it always seems like something is still missing.


  5. owlmylove:

    genderqueer/fluid individuals are in no way natural i mean their ability to be breathtakingly stunning in any and all genders pretty clearly points towards omniscient divinity

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  6. Actual things that should be done with plantations


    -burn them all to the ground

    - sacred museums telling the actual history of slavery not glorifying the lives of slave owners

    -genetic testing/ ancestry mapping sites for Black Americans 

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  7. thelittlequeerdeer:

    gender: none binary w left beef

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  8. foxfamilyfeatures:

    *torrenting some cool new genders* 

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  10. transluminescence:

    the fact that Janet Mock wrote a nuanced, intelligent and insightful essay about her experience of sex work and radscum twisted it and claimed she ‘supports child sex trafficking’ tells you everything you need to know about how racist, transmisogynist, whorephobic and outright disingenuous they are.

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  11. dyspfhoria:

    there is no reason anyone should be privy to a trans person’s dead name unless that specific trans person wants it known

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  12. gorrgon:


    if you threw a pad or tampon into a crowd of boys they would probably all scream and it would be like that scene from monsters inc where george gets contaminated by a sock

    bc boys can have periods


  13. I hate when people say “women should leave some things to the imagination” like WTF do y’all think women are hiding under their shirt? A baby goat??? The Bridge to Terabithia?? Get the fuck…

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  14. t1m3l0rdh4nj1:

    Having a pet is so weird. Like neither of you speak each other’s language and yet you form some strong bond by rubbing against each other and sleeping together and you might accidentally kick them in the face or step on their tail once in a while but at the end of the day you two are best buddies from entirely different species.

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  15. centuriespast:

    Hand stencils at the El Castillo Cave in Spain have been dated to have been created earlier than 37,300 years ago, making them the oldest cave paintings in Europe.

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